Saturday, September 09, 2006

hey world.

I'm back home.
finally discharged from the hospital.
one whole week of my holidays blown inside the isolation ward. stoning, crying, feeling lonely, watching lousy television programmes wondering when the outside world would contact me and wondering where all my lovely friends are and what they were doing.

everyone said my illness is so random. it just happened. just like that.
haiz. after this whole episode, i did lots of thinking when i was alone in my ward and finally realised how much this whole experience meant to me.

it made me realise that anything unexpected can happen to us at anytime.
so it is very important to take care of your health at all times, keeping a balanced diet and sleeping early no matter how stressed you are in school that you have to keep late nights.
It was because my immune system was rlly damn weak and after I came into contact with someone with tb germs i got infected.

It's not gd to cause your parents uneccesary worry and make them suddenly blow a bomb on hospital bills after you yourself was irresponsible and neglected a slight cough by refusing to take medicine a few months before..which was wad happened to me.
That night when i had my relapse, i was crying while i apologised to my parents.
While my dad held my hand, I realised how important I was to them and told myself to stay strong. I had to fight tb.
The consequence of my irresponsibility? long term tb treatment for 3 to 6 months having to pop 14 pills a day which makes me so tired 24/7 and constant follow ups at tan tock seng.

the doctor was really puzzled at my condition. saying that it is rlly rare for someone my age to contract tb. and furthermore, i should not be having anymore relapses after taking medication as my healing process should be super fast for a person my age..that shows how weak my immunity was.

coughing blood at home is rlly depressing. bending over the sink watching chunks of blood flow is not fun at all. i remember myself shaking so hard and crying till i was breathless.
and my parents aren't exactly that kind who would react well in emergencies.
the first thought that came into my mind was that i am really a burden to my parents. another trip to the hospital meant a few thousand dollars more..

when i was admitted into the intensive care unit the night i had my relapse i really felt very weak seeing all the electrodes stuck to my body and all the wires attached to them measuring my heartbeat blood pressure and respiration on the monitor. everytime i coughed the beeping sound would suddenly be very fast and it was rlly one sleepless night.
and when i saw the worried look on my parents face i really felt like i was in a drama serial.

thoughout the whole 8 or 9 days i also saw the meaning of true friendship.
my mum told me this is the crucial moment when you huan4 nan4 jian4 zhen1 qing2.
every little thing of what my friends did for me..i would never forget every single person and what they did to prove they are true.

chris and jiexiang came all the way down from sengkang and jurong. and huishuang, kenny, my 2 cousins, xh, sharon, cheryl, fabian, my aunt and my uncle came to visit me too.
and thanks for all the concern from my whole class and even my ct daryl lim who wanted to come visit me. all the odacers, my odac teachers, my maths tuition teacher ms ong, jonah, meryl, pink, yingxiu, evadne, waikit, jenny..
celine, yaqi, zhao and cheryl who came to my house to visit.
thanks esp to cheryl..she rlly surprised me when she popped into my ward. and before she left she prayed for me..i was rlly super touched.
I know all of you are worried and concerned abt me..thank you for making me feel so loved through this difficult period.

and thank you kenny..for making my hospital stay seem so much more meaningful..
you are the best friend and neighbour i could have..
thanks for making the isolation ward seem so much brighter..
you make me feel my illness is not that depressing after all.

meanwhile..STAY HEALTHY PEOPLE. I'll be back in sch in another week's time.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

last post for august 2006

I think the last time I blogged was since Ice Age so here I am again blogging for the week.

last sat:
went for xinhui's bro's NTU Hall 15 pageant.
was a lil sianz cos we din noe anyone..and sadly her bro only managed to get 2 tickets! so sharon couldnt go.
but good thing she din go lah..cos me and xh kept wanting to go toilet to chill haha.

here's some typical toilet pictures again:

haiz we din expect to be underdressed :( cos we din think it was going to be too grand an event. But sadly, we were so wrong as they were mostly wearing dresses!

Although Siyang din win I think he really put up a gd performance lah. Heard that he put in alot of effort in practising for his items. And seriously the fat winner who grabbed the title of pageant king seriously...aye. cannot make it. haiz.

And the pageant queen was rlly pretty..she looked like Ms Tan Li-Lian my GP teacher (whom I'm going to support her dancing at NUS this Sat cos she's SO pretty and hot haha)..but too bad I heard she smokes so too bad..all my wowness for her has gone to the drain.

I hate pretty girls who smoke :(

Anyway, uni life really seems ROCKING fun. I can't wait man..must definitely stay in hostel next time. I think every day is gna be so damn happening. I like this picture. so I shall post it :)

So after that we met Sharon at 10 plus and went Balcony...... Xinhui pls next time stop giving fishy looks when we are trying to slip past the entrance haha :D

So we had alcohol and Sharon drank some noob melon thinggy and turned red within like 10? 15 mins? hahaha. it's not just red. its beetroot red. HAHA so cute. ok I'm like the noob calling the noob NOOB haha.

In a little high state:

Some chilling at HK cafe with Sharon, Kenny and Hanloong after that. hmm weird combi huh.

tired x).Caltex petrol kiosk. The weirdest places to chill.

Today! Teachers' Day celeb.

Our cheerleading item for the concert went really smoothly! And glad Ms Hon got the award for New kid on the Block haha.

After that Pink and I ponned econs test and went back to Dunman with Kenny. I felt rlly happy to be back on bus 158...the once again familiar feeling of going to school along an old route.

Met up with so many darling dhs friends..met the 4A peeps and gave Ms Fang one big FAT HUG and told her I miss her! :((( I realised that I even missed Lu.

tsk. Dunman days were the best. photos from CHAM pls..haha.

After that 3peas and SEXY plus Waikit went out to chill together! oh man rlly felt super happy..still the same old bunch of loves..always armed with a handful of gossips, craps and small nonsense games that kept us at Sakae sushi and TCC at Cine for a few friggin' hours.....haha the mo4 ren4 game is rlly silly..i wna play it some time again. Sharon the Saint!

SEXY plus 3 peas totally rocks socks can. ahaha.

dear waikit, don't worry I will always believe in you and you will always have support from us no matter what decision you make. just stay happy alright =) <3

tmr Krunk...seeing those lovelies again. Today was the best. Bye!

Friday, August 25, 2006

gd morning world. just woke up from my beauty sleep haha.
ysty was a very productive mugging session with kenny and my cousin at the airport from 10 plus pm until arnd 4am this morning at the airport..
I feel gd! It's been rlly long since my last visit to Pacific Coffee at T2.

well it seems kenny is rlly awed by my cousin's smarty brain cells too haha.
shit I'm so going to miss my cousin when he goes back to the UK.
He seems to be so much crappier this time when he's back home. Guess he was rlly homesick for some time there..

bye I'm going off to have porridge buffet with my cousin now at some duno wad hotel..later meeting xh and sharon once more =)

I shall pretend I had never known you before. It's alright.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think Weichien's story is really hilarious. So I'm going to share it with the world too =)

One fine greenday, good charlotte came up with a simple plan. She bought a yellowcard for 50cent and drew some pussycat dolls on it. Suddenly, a mcfly landed on her card and her atomic kittens ran over and ate it up, together with her card. Good charlotte was so upset so she decided to go to linkin park to cry. She took a first step with her right foot, then she switchfoot and used her left foot. Finally, she reached linkin park, and she cried till her eyes stung so much she blink 182 times. An old lady saw her crying and gave her some limp bizkit with black eyed peas on top. She was happy for a moment until she took her first bite. OMG! Inside the cookie there was some red hot chilli peppers. That made poor good charlotte cry even more. She went in search for some water and arrived at savage garden, where there were a few fountains of wayne. She drank a few mouthfuls but it was still too hot, she needed something sweet. So she went to a mama shop and boughtsome pug jelly. However, that did not do the trick either. She began to feel sick and feverish. She ran home and checked her temperature OMG! 98 degrees! She died immediately. As charlotte was a good girl, she went to heaven. On her way up, she started counting crows.


a good day

haha now I must say 06A02 totally rocks!
this morning the support our class showed for weiling doing her 2.4km run was rlly too cool for words..
I was super touched..not to mention Weiling..who was so scared of failing once more that she was tearing before her run.
Our whole class was standing in the middle of the track dancing and singing and cheering Weiling on when she ran past..
And ppl like Luke, Deborah, Zhaoting and Rachel took turns running with her to spur her on. And thanks to Rachel's Ipod and speakers..which they carried along while running behind rlly made our day!

And our WHOLE class ran the last round with Weiling! In our full uniforms..tie and all..which was a rlly funny sight to the other classes having pe haha.

CONGRATS Weiling dear you made it to the 15 min mark! We were all soo proud of her..and thanks to Luke. for keeping her going all the way...

haha the song Buttons was like stuck in our heads for the whole day..which was quite retarded haha.
And after that was major chilling in the cafe with the music blasting from the speakers at our table and us singing along DAMN all the oldies like A1 and BSB's songs..
And our class attendance was FULL today! for the 1st time in a long long time..
er duno if it's a gd thing lah haha!

Ms K shot at me twice for falling aslp during Lit today. ACTION.

After that had ODAC pt. which was rlly damn hiong lahs. I nvr knew climbing stairs was that tough..and I'm so glad I don't stay in a HDB flat. haha. cos Im scared of the stairs

We ran 2.8km outside sch and climbed 63 storeys lah!
at some potong pasir block 156 where we climbed the 21 storeys 3 times.
HAHA during the last part when we were approaching sch Serene was like "GO GUYS! CAN YOU SEE THE F-ing GATE?! THE F-ing GATE! We're reaching! push on...!" 0h no it was damn funny and unforgettable.. :D
the ODAC guys are like forever filled with energy and all hyped up at all times..
okay i feel rlly fit today..

bye ppl! I feel rlly screwed now cos I've spent a long time online and procrastinating!
cannot cannot. I must study..and make Kenny study with me too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

pillow fights rock!
kenny and cel you guys are freaks hahah.
woohoo kenny loved his strawberry presents! ha!
cheerleading in the morning and some mass chilling after that.
today was polling day holiday which the sch owed us till now. LOL
I feel so bad to pangseh chris again. I will be gd and learn blading from you one fine day I promise!

sucha lazy afternoon. MTV shows are crap.

Friday, August 18, 2006

today was SA's parent-meet-teacher day.
my parents din hafta go see Daryl Lim but they Wanted to go lahs.
my mum is like always typically worried. and my dad loves to beat around the bush.
Halfway thru the session i was waving to the sick Leong Boon Liangzzz outside the classroom waiting with his parents for his turn and my mum went.
SiYing Can You Pls Pay Attention?
Can you imagine with my sucky results Daryl Lim actually told us that I was top 10 in class??
Like wow. Im amazed. And I only found out today. That my class's academic standard was THAT bad.
my mum complained about me having 2 ccas.
Too bad. I'm not gg to quit any. But I will still juggle my time.
Sure I will. I have to do better for promos...

I guess it's back to my second home at T2 Pacific Coffee soon.

You are like some annoying food particle stuck halfway in my throat.
And I'm trying to decide if I should accept it and swallow or just spit it out.
But somehow I just like the feeling of your existence.
But you should well be aware that time is running out now...and yet you still take your time.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

national day eve

I think our class became alot more bonded after our performance of High School Musical for nat day celebrations today. During the singing along, Cherell, Zi Hui, Zhaoting and I were sort of 'sabo-ed' to go down to the front while the rest of the class were still swaying in the same position. It was sort of sick and more than a lil exciting HAHA.
Totally embarrassing can.

Pardon my ugly face. But the words say it all.
Scandalous pair. Boon and Mum. three happy girls. a non-angsty zinc :D

Today's first aid course lasted from 4pm to 930pm. I was totally bored to death. But it was fun towards the end cos everyone was sort of singing and slacking arnd while the lecturer made us take turns doing a mock CPR test. Saints ODAC. you people totally make my day :)

Tell me what are you busy with.
I'm sad cos I had plans for today.
I wna go Pasir Ris park to play the spider web there.
i know... random.